Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating

There is something amazing about a woman or man in uniform which captures attention and imagination. It can trigger thoughts of a brave person committing every day to protect the country’s freedom. But, there are those whose interest in these people goes much further.

If you happen to be among these people and you hope to find the right woman or man in uniform to begin a relationship with, UniformDating.com is the best place to find your dream relationship. The platform offers a lot of stunning features for all the members and even though it only joined the industry in 2013, it is still composed of a healthy database of members.

Costs of UniformDating.com

  • $18.99 good for 6 months
  • $24.99 good for 3 months
  • $39.99 good for 1 month

Features of UniformDating.com

  • Sign up for free
  • Create and view profiles and upload pictures
  • Search member database according to profession, such as air force, air crew, firefighter, army, doctor or dentist, nurse, navy, or police/CO/sheriff
  • Block members or add them to Favorites
  • See lists of members who like you, want to get in touch with you, as well as your viewing history
  • Connect with them on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+
  • contact with customer support through an online form

Editor’s Verdict

For people who are interested to join, UniformDating.com offers a great place for all uniformed professionals and the ones who hope to meet uniformed singles to connect. If this is your specific need and you are looking for someone with matching need, this site is all good for you.

However, you might forget that those who are working in uniform are just average people the moment they are out of their uniform. A website like UniformDating.com may draw people who are interested to meet single doctors. However, those who are wearing their white coat might not want this as the first thing that possible mates get to know about them. This is because it may draw some gold diggers or those who have ulterior motives. Having said this, the downside to UniformDating.com is that this is filled with those who are hoping to meet single marines, soldiers, or pilots and not that much with the actual uniformed singles.

But, in spite of all the lonely people who hope for a uniformed person to sweep them off their feet, UniformDating.com still has a rather small member database. This is something you need to work with once you opt to join this niche dating website. But, the thing about this kind of niche is that there is a chance that you will have better luck then spend lesser money when you go for a mainstream dating website and searched for the members who have specific occupations.

All in all, the features of UniformDating.com are not really that impressive. You can send messages to other members and such but there are no other fun features that will convince you to stay on the platform during those lulls in communication.